About me

I’m is a passionate full-stack developer with a passion for effective and agile workflows and great user experiences.

I hail from the middle part of Norway, and I’m 28 years old. I’m also engaged, and together with my soon-to-be wife I have a son.

My journey in to web development started with my dad’s interest in creating web sites in the late 90’s. I immediately started creating websites for my favourite football teams in Front Page. After a while I got interesting in the code behind the websites, which led me to acquire a copy of “PHP for dummies” in 2004. Ever since I’ve been focused on improving as a PHP developer.

Currently I’m working as a System Developer for OSM Aviation where I maintain the website, manage servers, build internal systems and better the work-days for over 5000 employees worldwide. I also lead a small team of distributed developers.

I use PHP for most of my development. I've known PHP for over 13 years and I'm always learning cool new features.

JavaScript is fun. I use frameworks like React, jQuery and Vue.js to create great user interfaces and cool features.

I've worked with WordPress as my primary weapon of choice for many years. I've created themes and plugins for clients, in addition to my open source contributions.

Laravel has become one of my all-time favorite frameworks. I use it to create custom web applications and API's.